Friday, August 19, 2011

Dressing Up

Well I've been very busy this summer and my garden has suffered but I will soon be planting again for the fall. In the meantime I have done a few fun projects this summer. One of them was making a dress form out of duct tape. My sister got the idea off the Internet somewhere and we made these together. First I was wrapped in seran wrap and then taped all over. She cut me out from the back and I was able to wiggle my way out.
For the stand I used an old lamp and then stuffed the dress form and retaped the back. I then added a layer of the fun pink and white polka dot duct tape that I picked up at my local craft store. This is a great concept because the dress form is your exact measurements.
Here's the final product. :-) Hope I'll be able to find time to sew soon.

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