Monday, May 28, 2012

New Mixer

I've spent a lot of time lately researching the benefits of freshly milled grain vs flour purchased in the store. I was astounded to discover that 90% of the nutritional value of flour is lost by the time we purchase flour off the store shelf. So, I decided to purchase a flour mill and new mixer so that I can make my own bread. No more empty calories for us. We are going to fully enjoy the bread we eat from now on.
I have been experimenting with different recipes and I'm still searching for the perfect one. I've found lots of great tips for using fresh milled whole wheat and can't wait to make another attempt.

My new mixer has been affectionately name Cooperlocks because of its shinny color. I've enjoyed using it so far and learning how it differs from a traditional mixer because it has a lot more power.

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